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Welding Services and Steel Supplies 
in the Labrador Area

From steel fabrication to prefabricating an item, Enviro-Safe Fuel Systems Ltd. offers a large selection of structural steel and welding supplies and services in the Labrador area. With over 30 years of experience, we guarantee you an accurate quote, delivered quickly in terms that are simple to understand, as well as an excellent quality-price ratio. Our team takes the time to listen and guide you through the process.

Take advantage of the best welding services around with Enviro-Safe Fuel Systems Ltd. Call our team of experienced welders for a fast and personalized service.


  • Structural steel 
  • Minor and major repairs for trailers, boats, grapples, wood stoves, pipes, etc.
  • Crane® supply
  • Praxair supply
  • Welding services (trailers, skidoo frames)
  • Tow bars manufacturing
  • Hose
  • Fittings

Excellent and Reliable Service

Don’t hesitate. Trust Enviro-Safe Fuel Systems Ltd. for all your needs: We are at your service!

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